I am an advanced Level 3 practitioner in EFT and Matrix reimprinting.

When you come to see me during your first session I will teach you how to use this very simple but powerful technique.

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique

 In a nutshell, by tapping specific points on your skin you send signals to the brain to change patterns of thought and emotion. This process has been described as acupuncture without needles and works because it activates the same energy system that acupuncturists use. EFT was founded by Gary Craig he developed EFT to enhance the performance of the people he was coaching. Gary discovered that by tapping certain

acupuncture points on the upper part of the body whilst thinking about a problem, all manner of symptoms were alleviated.  Sometimes the change happened in minutes. “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Gary Craig.

So what is energy? Energy is the blueprint of the body it can be seen as the invisible foundation of your body, from which everything else is built. The Chinese have known about this for 5.000 years and have used acupuncture to shift a person’s energy to improve a state of mind and physical health. Some of these energies are electromagnetic impulses that can be recorded by MRI and PET scans as well as those more subtle ones that are more difficult to detect as yet. Your energy field changes when you have an emotionally charged experience, this can lead physical problems or unhelpful attitudes and stress. Tapping releases the energy blocks that cause the problems. ...........................

Set up statement whilst tapping on closed fist saying Even though I feel .......... I love and accept myself unconditionally anyway

Tap top of head

Edge of eye brow

Side of eye

Under eye

Between nose and mouth

On chin

On chest

below clavicle

Side of chest under arm

Each finger edge All the time saying how you feel until you notice a shift.

Did you know your level of stress can be determined by your saliva? It’s true! But can it be used to determine the effectiveness of EFT Tapping? Keep reading to find out.

If you think of a time in your life when something stressful or frightening happened, you can probably remember physical changes in your body that went along with it.

The classic responses are increased heart rate, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, and often a tightening in the chest or stomach area.

But there are also changes that happen on a biochemical level. And if the stressful or fearful event is an extreme one, or if it recurs over time, those biochemical changes can lead to serious long-term health consequences.

One of the most important hormones in our body’s stress response is cortisol. This hormone actually regulates other hormones, and is therefore important to many critical aspects of a healthy functioning body.

When we are stressed, anxious, or frightened, our cortisol levels increase, and this spells trouble for our bodies. Prolonged high levels of cortisol impair the heart, immune system, sexual function, sleep, digestion, respiration, circulation, and can even be responsible for premature aging.

Can Tapping Change My Hormones?

Researchers have cited numerous studies concluding that EFT results in a reduction of anxiety symptoms in people across a wide spectrum of circumstances. This has led to the formulation of theories about what exactly is happening in the body during a Tapping session.

It’s well known, and can easily be experienced by anyone using Tapping, that outward physical changes take place after a series of tapping rounds. This could be noticed by a reduction of pain, the loosening of rigid joints, or perhaps the relaxation of muscles.

But there are those who believe that changes are also taking place at the level of cellular biology and genetic expression. These changes constitute the foundational work in the rapidly developing field of epigenetics.

To help prove this theory, the first step requires the gathering of physical evidence of such a change.

In previous studies, MRI and EEG readings that measure a person’s brain activity have shown that acupuncture or pressure on the acupoints result in visible changes (decreases) in hyper-arousal of the nervous system.

These researchers of this study wanted to take another step in this direction to see if there were corresponding dips in cortisol levels after EFT treatment.

Studying Saliva

Researchers recruited study participants (aged 18-80) from an online site advertising a free cortisol test; they were neither current patients nor did they have any clinical diagnoses.

They were then divided into three groups corresponding to the type of treatment to be received: tapping, supportive listening, and no treatment.

The cortisol levels of each participant were taken initially with a saliva kit, and all were asked to fill out one of the standard psychological questionnaires that measure anxiety & stress symptoms, rating their symptoms on a scale of 1-5.

The 3 groups then had individual 50-minute sessions of treatment.

The sympathetic listening group met with a licensed therapist who empathized with the person and challenged his or her negative thoughts. The tapping group had a session with a coach certified in EFT. The non-treatment group waited in the waiting room.

After the individual sessions were complete, a second saliva kit sample was taken and a second questionnaire filled out. All test sample kits were then sent to be analyzed at the lab.

Incredible Results: EFT Actually Lowers Cortisol Levels

After all the elements of the study were analyzed, the researchers found that the cortisol levels of the two control groups had been reduced by 14%, but the EFT group had been reduced by 24%.

For the psychological symptoms, one questionnaire showed a 42% decrease for EFT, a 13% decrease for the non-treatment group, and a 17% decrease for the sympathetic listening group.

On another questionnaire, EFT showed a 51% reduction vs 14% in sympathetic listening and 17% for non-treatment.

Your saliva doesn’t lie! 

The evidence that EFT actually leads to physical changes in the body is growing, thanks now to another piece of research. ttps://

EFT is a technique where you tap a series of energy points on your body to gain relief from physical and emotional problems. The system we use today is derived from the knowledge used by Eastern monks and physicians five thousand years ago. Acupuncture,shiatsu and many martial arts are derived from these skills.

I will teach you how you can use this simple but powerful tool to support you in all aspects of your life.